What is Espresso Liqueur?

Espresso coffee liqueur is a simple liqueur to prepare at home, the surprisingly small quantity of time and energy required is a great motivation to try this recipe if you’re a coffee lover.

It is served behind a meal as a digestive, offered to guests or enjoyed as an easygoing alcoholic beverage, most commonly by itself, but it’s also well accommodated in a cocktail. It’s amazing how adaptable it is, you can use it to essence chocolate polishes and ganache, replace it for other liqueurs in truffle ingredients, spill it on top of ice cream, or even combine it with coffee drinks for an extra thrill.

How to Prepare an Espresso Liqueur?

There are various methods to prepare this beverage, but it is essential for the coffee liqueur to be made from high-quality beans. For a common one, you will need 750 ml of pure grain alcohol, a small cup of high-quality espresso, a cup of sugar plus a half of a cup with water. Furthermore, you will need a large glass tank, a few coffee filters, and a funnel.

In the process, the first thing is to put the ground coffee in the glass tank and mix it with alcohol. You should put away this mixture for one month, and after that time, to add sugar in it. Now, with an addition of sugar, you should keep it for another week. After that period, you will have to pass the drink through a funnel lined with a filter. Quality of the liqueur may advance if you repeat this process.

There are some amazing recipes besides this regular one. For example, White Russian, which is a mix made from vodka, coffee liqueur, and a cream. Toasted almond is similar, but it contains amaretto. Widow maker is a cocktail made from coffee, vodka, and grenadine. Talking monkey has vodka and banana liqueur with coffee. Mochatini contains Kahlua and vodka.

There are also some more delicate cocktails with coffee, like Golden Cappuccino, which is a mixture of Galliano, vodka, espresso, and cream. Bushwhacker is a form of Pina colada, but with dark rum, Kahlua and cream.

Bahama Mama is basically a pineapple juice with coffee and dark rum. Long Island and The Revolver are the most common coffee cocktails. For a Long Island Iced Coffee, you will need 15 of Baileys, Kahlua, Vodka, Rum, and Tequila. Amount of coffee required for this beverage is 60ml. The Revolver requires 60ml of Bourbon, 15ml of Coffee liqueur and 2 Dashes of orange bitters.

Regardless of the espresso beverage you decide to make using liqueur, you will most certainly need a good espresso machine. Preferably, a semi-automatic one that you can use at home. Coffee Dorks are a well-trusted source for objective espresso machine reviews, so it is a good idea to check their detailed post before you buy anything.


It is essential to follow all the steps that are required for the process in order to make coffee liqueur in the right way. Also, you should buy high-quality dark roasted coffee beans for your beverage. Equipment that you will need for this is a coffee grinder, coffee machine or a French press, measuring tools, a saucepan, mixing bowl, and air-tight bottles. Type of alcohol that people are using the most with this liqueur is vodka, but some other alcoholic drinks can mix with it too, like whiskey and rum.

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