Drip Coffee VS French Press

drip coffee vs french press

With the advancements in technology today, we already have a lot of machines, especially for coffee. This automatic way of brewing saves time and is perfect for its simplicity. Many people love the have their cup at the comfort of their home. So, these machines are great in that term of use.

On the other side, those with a sort of a delicate taste still prefer old-fashioned methods of brewing the coffee before making it with some machine. Best ways of manual brewing the coffee are for sure, The French Press and The Drip.

Drip Coffee Machines

Method of brewing coffee with a Drip press contains three basic levels. You will need clean, cold water to put into the tank. After that, you have to add a filter and fill the Drip press with a ground coffee. In the end, just press the start. Many people choose to set this all up in the evening so when they wake up one button is all the effort.

For cleaning, you must reject the dirt with the filter and clean everything up. And, for the whole machine, the best period is on every 2 or three months. Drip press coffee machine is very simplistic all in one product. The only thing that you have to change is the filters.

You can’t control the flavor of it, so the drip coffee can be thinner in taste. And, when it comes to prices, Drip press can cost from 30 to 200 dollars.

French Press Coffee Brewers

Brewing coffee with a French Press is a manual method where you can control the flavor of your drink. You will have to boil water and pour it over the ground coffee. In a further process, it should bloom less than a minute, and then you have to mix it. After that, brewing should last for about 3 minutes. At the end of that time, press the plunger carefully, and the process is over.

The only annoying thing about the French Press is when it is time for cleaning. You have to be sure that there are no leftovers from the coffee. In case that some left, next time you brew the coffee, it won’t taste as it should.

The French Press comes in different sizes, but most common is one that can make around 8 cups at once. From extra equipment, you will only need a pot for water and maybe a timer. The cost depends on the quality of the material and its design because there are no special features. Premium feature of the French Press is that you can customize the flavor of the coffee. Taste of coffee is intense, and if you have some experience, it can be much better than in some coffee shop.


Users of these two machines are divided. Drip press is most popular in the United States while the French Press is typical in Europe. While the Drip press is much simple for use over the French press, the other one has a richer taste. So, choosing between these two is very much individual. Accent 5;\ls

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